Book 1: The Remarkable Refugees!

Pilot perennial rivers,
And their confluent mountain feeds.

Ponder peculiar orchards,
And their lineal bygone seeds.

How have the years warped each river’s roots?
Did human tongues crop each orchard’s fruits?

If curious, then follow the leads.

Our leads are Turam and Falewid, young men who have recently graduated from their childhood school, and who are now set to begin two years at a prestigious academy! After parting ways with their families and friends, they take the month-long journey across the lands of Lunacy’s Union, traveling over the mountains, hills, and plains that separate their small frontier town from the bustling capital city. But upon arriving, their plans are upended by news of invaders on two fronts, one being their home! With the company of their new friends, they seek to return by secret paths, hoping to rescue their loved ones from the horrors of an enemy occupation. What they encounter along the way seems no less fantastic and supernatural than the myths and legends of their ancient ancestors!

Books 2 - 5

If you will, follow the leads!